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Samba Afro Costume

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A few things to Know “Peep Dis”

   For the past 33 years, we’ve been building costumes for our performance group Casa Samba. Keeping in mind when we made our costumes we want them to last for at least one year usually carnival costumes only are built to last last for one day or a couple of weeks, because carnival only comes once a year.The way we build our customs is a little different. We build them to last. Yes we make costumes just like all the other shops. But one thing different about this shop and a few others. The people making their costumes actually wear them them and perform  them. Let our experience guide you.

    Now we have decided to start making costumes for the public and our community. We’re offering our services of custome creations under the direction of Mestre Curtis Pierre.

    In Brazil, a costume is known as a fantasy story. A story or a dream is created in your mind or working from an idea that came to you. These ideas can be brought to life with our services and directions if you’re not familiar with making customers this is a very great and affordable opportunity for you, your group or company to get costumes made with an international flavor for your special event.

Check Out Our Shop Ez-ZHappin Yeaaah!

Mestre Curtis Pierre